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Aiming high, delivering the best.

Leeds Children’s Hospital delivers the highest quality of healthcare to the children and young people of Leeds, Yorkshire and beyond. We are one of the largest Children’s Hospitals in the UK with 300 beds, 8 dedicated surgical theatres and a workforce of 1,200 committed staff. We provide care to more than 250,000 children and young people each year and perform in excess of 10,000 surgical procedures annually. External reviews of our services comment on their excellence and innovation.

We are proud to provide individual highly specialised services for our patients that will be found in only a handful of other hospitals in the UK and a combination of services that is virtually unrivalled. This includes paediatric major trauma, congenital heart services and transplantation of livers, kidneys and bone marrow. This means that even our most complex cases can receive all their care in Leeds Children’s Hospital from their birth until we hand over their care to our colleagues in adult services.

Engaging with our patients is a key priority and we are UK leaders in the process of transition of care from paediatric to adult services, winning national awards for our Leeds Children’s Hospital TV portal and utilising a highly progressive Youth Forum. We are offering ever-increasing opportunities for our patients to participate in research in brand new dedicated facilities. Above all we value our multi-professional workforce and the quality of training we deliver has been commended at external review.

We are outward looking and enthusiastic about striking new relationships with local and more distant partners. We recognise that in our challenged healthcare environment it is by working together and with the support of our charity, the Leeds Children’s Hospital Appeal, we will deliver the best for our patients.


If you’d like to help support the Leeds Children’s Hospital Appeal we’d love to hear from you. Simply get in touch with our fundraising team.