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Latest at Leeds Children's Hospital Appeal:

We had some incredible support over Christmas from a variety of companies and individuals. One such individual is Nathan Winch, Chief Executive of WinchPharma Group, who following Christmas lists written by all the young patients in the Leeds Children's Hospital went out and bought presents for each and every child.

Then alongside Santa and the Elves delivered them to wide-eyed children in the approach to Christmas.

Zizzi's, Corn Exchange re-opened their doors after a refurbishment and invited a small number of corporate customers to a three course meal. Rather than pay for the food, customers were asked to leave a donation for the Leeds Children's Hospital Appeal.

Here is Ram from Zizzi's donating a cheque of just under £1000.00 to Sharon Edwards at our Open Evening which was held on 22nd May 2014.

Sim Baby Manikins

Thanks to funding from the Children’s Hospital Appeal, the Children’s Hospital can now offer state of the art training. The 2 Sim Manikins known as Hal look like a real child, one aged 1 and one aged 3 and they can breathe, speak, blink and even receive drugs and fluids. Clinicians asked for the advance equipment to allow doctors and nurses to practice their skills on realistic patients. More info >>>

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